We of course offer the option of having products purchased from us repaired by our service staff.
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Repair of Intercable tools

Intercable stands for high quality, but if a problem should arise with our tools, please contact our repair team. We will repair your tool as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

After inspecting the equipment, we will of course give you a cost estimate before starting the repair. If a repair does not make sense for you financially, we will dispose of your old equipment for you free of change and in compliance with environmental regulations.

If there are further questions, please contact us directly on our repair hotline.


General information

By filling out the form on this website, a PDF is generated which contains the information you have filled in. This form will be sent to you via e-mail. We ask you to print this PDF and attach it to the tool that needs repairing.

► ATTENTION: This form is not a collection note and does not replace it. No automatic pick-up is thus triggered by compilating this form. Please contact the person responsible, the contact details of this person are provided after selecting your location.

Do you need to borrow equipment while your own equipment is being repaired, or do you need to rent tools? The tools and equipment available from Intercable are listed here.

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Important transport

Defective Li-ion batteries may no longer be shipped and must be properly replaced on site. be disposed of. Dispensing must be to recycling yards or battery collection containers.

Is a loaner device needed to bridge the repair?

If a rental device is required, please contact our support at the following number: +39 0474 571 717.


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