We are a modern, international, diverse corporate group. Our recipe for success
lies in the identification and development of market niches in the technology sector,
through high quality standards and potential for innovation.



In order that we can deliver quality, it’s not enough to just have high-power computers and high-tech machines, or to control production through optimised processes! We also need commitment and passion. We provide support to our employees, and in return set strict requirements with regard to their awareness of quality and the environment.

A zero defect target is our top priority!



People are a crucial factor in our success. The relationships formed by people both within and outside the company are the key to success, and form the basis of everything we do. (Co) worker = (co) businessman = (co) shaper and influencer: Social cohesion within a global company in a high-wage country depends on getting the best out of each employee. State-of-the-art technology and level of automation (correct products and mature processes), in addition to qualification, performance capability, and productivity of all those involved (training, motivation and commitment), are crucial parts of the puzzle. We create the basic conditions for a pleasant working environment, and make a firm commitment to comply with legal and statutory requirements in order to protect employees against injury and job-related illnesses



Proximity to the customer and innovation in everything we do.

Proximity to and fairness for the customer is essential for us; this is how we form strong and enduring partnerships. These synergistic effects promote the creation of tailored solutions and ensure continuous improvement of the integrated management system. Our expertise and proximity to the customer, as well as flexibility and delivery reliability, are paramount.

Innovation and the latest technology hold the key to success, with customer and market requirements playing an ever more important role. In collaboration with external partners and institutes/universities of applied science, we provide ongoing product and process development. We always make every effort to provide resources and investments to help the process along, and to ensure that we act in a sustainable way



Awareness of results and costs, recognition and develop-ment of synergistic effects within the group or with external partners, and continuous improvement of the integrated management system are crucial for the sustainable development of our group, and lie at the heart of everything that our employees do.

We reduce environmental impacts by continuously improving our environmental performance, while taking account of commercial and technical requirements, and always comply with legal, statutory and our own obligations and requirements to protect the environment.

A down-to-earth attitude, focus on implementation and performance, reliability, good work-life balance, genuine family and social ties, linguistic and cultural openness, and the vital inheritance of our South Tyrol roots, are unique selling points for our future international growth.

Unique selling points for our future international growth


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Italy (Headquarter Tools)

Intercable Tools GmbH
Rienzfeldstrasse, 21
IT-39031 Brunico
Tel: +39 0474 571 700


Intercable Tools GmbH
Leverkuser Strasse 65
DE-42897 Remscheid
Tel: +49 (0)2191 37 694-0


Intercable Tools Austria Ges.m.b.H.
Resselstraße 16
AT-2120 Wolkersdorf
Tel: +43 (0) 2245 21234

Central Eastern Europe

Intercable CEEu Kft.
Magyar utca 162/A
HU-8800 Nagykanizsa

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