We are a modern, international, diverse corporate group. Our recipe for success
lies in the identification and development of market niches in the technology sector,
through high quality standards and potential for innovation.



To deliver quality, just having high performance computers, modern machinery and optimized production is not enough! You also must have engagement and passion. We support our staff and challenge their quality awareness and sustainability.

Our top priority is zero errors!



People as a success factor: interpersonal relationships, both inside and outside the company, are a factor for our success and how we work. (Co)Worker = (Co) Entrepreneur = (Co)Designer: the future social security for a global company in a high wage country depends on the value added per co-worker. State of the art technology or degree of automation (adequate products and mature processes) as well as the qualification, performance and productivity of all stakeholders (training, motivation and commitment) is decisive. We create conditions for pleasant working conditions and are committed to legal and administrative compliance to protect employees from workplace accidents and work-related illnesses.



Customer focus and innovation in all we do. 

Proximity and fairness towards our customers is very important to us; it is how strong long-term partnerships can be formed. This synergy stimulates individual solutions and constantly improves integrated management systems. Our top priorities are customer proximity and competence as well as flexibility and adherence to delivery dates. 

Innovation and the newest technologies are the key to our success. Customer requirements and market conditions play an increasingly important role in this relationship. We develop our products and processes in collaboration with external partners, institutions and universities. In this respect, we constantly strive to provide the necessary resources and investments whilst focusing on sustainability.



Profit and cost awareness, recognition and synergy development within the Group and external parties and continuous integrated management system improvement are decisive factors for the sustainable development of our business group, shared by all employees. 

We reduce environmental pollution by continuously improving our environ¬mental performance, taking economic and technical require¬ments into account and complying with legal, official and our own environmental protection standards and obligations. 

Down-to-earthiness, a focus on implementation and performance, reliability, quality of life, honest family and social bonds, linguistic and cultural openness are an important part of our South Tyrol heritage and tradition and are unique selling points for our future global development.


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Italy (Headquarter Tools)

Intercable Tools GmbH
Rienzfeldstrasse, 21
IT-39031 Brunico
Tel: +39 0474 571 700


Intercable Tools GmbH
Leverkuser Strasse 65
DE-42897 Remscheid
Tel: +49 (0)2191 37 694-0


Intercable Tools Austria Ges.m.b.H.
Resselstraße 16
AT-2120 Wolkersdorf
Tel: +43 (0) 2245 21234

Central Eastern Europe

Intercable CEEu Kft.
Magyar utca 162/A
HU-8800 Nagykanizsa

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