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For more than 30 years we have been bringing our expertise in the field of solderless connecting materials to the wind energy sector. Cable lugs, connectors, ferrules, cable ties as well as hydraulic and mechanical pressing and cutting tools are part of our product range. An optimal match between cable, cable lugs/connectors and pressing tools guarantees a secure connection that meets the applicable standards and ensures low contact resistances. 

Due to the rectangular connectors or cable lugs developed by us, there is no need to round off the arrester packages, which halves the processing times and the resulting wage and machine costs.

Our tower connectors can be pressed to the conductor at ground level in the cable assembly. The connection of the individual cable segments during the assembly of the tower can be carried out easily and quickly using a torque screwdriver.

Together with our customers from the wind energy sector, we develop project-related solutions that enable easy handling and efficient processing of the electrical press connection. The goal is faster assembly times and resulting cost savings.



All products comply with the valid DIN or EN standards. The quality of the press connection is checked by mechanical and electrical tests. Test reports from the Munich Electrical Test Office can be provided on request. Our cable lugs have successfully passed vibration tests according to the specifications of Germanischer Lloyd (maritime shipping) and DIN EN 61373 (operating equipment of railroad vehicles). We manufacture "Made in Germany" with 3500 immediately available standard parts and over 7000 special parts, which we produce according to the wishes and specifications of our customers.


A selection of our products in the field of wind energy


Cable lugs, tubular cable lugs 90° & tubular butt connectors

Made of copper, tin-plated


Tubular compression cable lugs and connectors made of copper

Made of copper, optionally bright or tinned


AI tubular compression cable lugs

Longitudinally sealed, optionally blank or tinned


AL/CU- compression cable lugs and connectors


Tower connectors

Optionally made of copper or aluminum, tinned 


Rectangular cable lugs and connectors

Made of copper and tin plated


It is important to recognize and take advantage of opportunities!

A customer relationship is a matter of trust. This trust is built upon our company's long-standing quality policy, which makes it one of our priorities to identify the needs and expectations of users in order to fulfil them in a quick, effective and environmentally friendly manner.

The demands of our customers and the competition encourage us to constantly strive to expand our offerings and optimize our products in order to improve our quality and environmental performance. 


The name “Intercable” is synonymous with quality

We take customer specifications, the applicable legal obligations, standards and requirements into account, while casting a critical eye over the sustainability and environmental compatibility of everything we do to guarantee that Intercable maintains the very highest quality standards in all areas.


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