FBS II - Cable Stripper for Vulcanized Semiconductive Layer

Designed to remove the vulcanized semiconductive layer of MV-cables up to 1,5mm insulation thickness
Application range for MV-cables up to 1000mm² / 16-58mm Ø



Technical characteristics:

  • Light and robust design trough the usage of light metals and stainless INOX
  • Positioning on the cable like a vice system
  • Optimal sliding properties thanks to the movable wheel system, no additional silicon required
  • Axial feed activation/deactivation with 2-speed advance possibility
  • Blade shape with 8° or 17° angle for gentle transmission from semiconductive layer to primary insulation
  • Replaceable blade, made of hardened steel
  • Adjustable blade depth from 0 to1,5mm (each klick = 0,1 mm)
  • Possibility to limit and lock the blade depth
  • Dimensions/Tool: L x W x H: 220x60x90mm
  • Weight/Tool: 580gr

SET equipment & accessories:

  • FBS II - cable stripper - 17251
  • 2,5 mm Allen wrench - 17100
  • Soft nylon case - AB6230
  • Spare blade 17° - 17142
  • Spare blade 8° - 17143
  • Set-FBS II 17°- 17250
  • Set-FBS II 8°- 17252


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