Connection systems and tools custom-made for the rail industry


Our many years of experience in the rail earthing field means that today we are one of the leading manufacturers of earthing components for internal and external earthing at DB. Our products are approved by DB, EBA and ÖBB. With our own production facilities and customer consultancy for the rail sector, we are able to respond quickly and implement customised solutions. For many years, we have been members of the Deutschen Verband für Lärmschutz an Verkehrswegen e.V, in which are particularly active with regard to noise protection.

Korrosionsbeständige Bauteile

Corrosion-resistant Component products

Our corrosion resistant components are always made of solid stainless steel or galvanized copper


Korossionsbeständige Bauteile

Anti-theft outer earthing connectors

Anti-theft outer earthing connectors are produced from mixed materials such as copper, steel and aluminum


Cable lugs and connectors for earth conductors

Cable lugs and connectors for earth conductors, built with 100 years of experience. Made in Germany

Kontaktierung Verteilung Befestigung

Accessories for contacting, distribution, and fastening

Accessories for contacting, distribution, and fastening as a useful addition to the assembly


It is important to recognize and take advantage of opportunities!

A customer relationship is a matter of trust. This trust is built upon our company's long-standing quality policy, which makes it one of our priorities to identify the needs and expectations of users in order to fulfil them in a quick, effective and environmentally friendly manner.

The demands of our customers and the competition encourage us to constantly strive to expand our offerings and optimize our products in order to improve our quality and environmental performance. 


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