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Cable Stripper for Primary Insulation

Application range:
25 - 240 mm²
Insulation thickness:
Preadjusted stripping inserts
Suggested application:
Any type of primary insulation

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Technical Characteristics

• Suitable for MV cables 10/11kV or 20/22kV (helical cutting)

• Stripping length adjustable from 20 to 100mm using the device built
  into the handle

• Scale marked on the handle to display the preset stripping length

• Handle with bayonet connection

• Cutting direction indicated by an arrow on the insert

• Interchangeable blade


Inserts 10kV

Order No.

Inserts 20kV

Order No.

Insert for 35 mm²


Insert for 25 mm²


Insert for 50 mm²


Insert for 35 mm²


Insert for 120 mm²


Insert for 50 mm²


Insert for 150 mm²


Insert for 70 mm²


Insert for 185 mm²


Insert for 95 mm²


Insert for 240 mm²


Insert for 120 mm²



Insert for 150 mm²


Insert for 185 mm²


Insert for 240 mm²


Other inserts on request


Easy handling through preadjusted inserts

Adjustable stripping length

Designed to work in limited space



Order No.



Set: IMS 20kV


330 x 290 x 75 mm

600 g

Set: IMS 20kV + AMS


330 x 290 x 75 mm

1,70 kg

Spare blade


Attention: not suitable for work under voltage

SET Equipment

  • Handle
  • Stripping inserts: 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240mm²
  • Rigid plastic case


SET Equipment - AV6320

  • like SET AV6310 plus AMS - cable stripper

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