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Cable Stripper with quick release system

Application range: 
4,5 -29 mm
Insulation thickness:
0 - 3 mm
Round, spiral and longitudinal cutting

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Technical Characteristics

• Wide range of applications: diameter 4.5 mm to 29 mm

• Suitable for soft and hard insulation types of cables

• Hardened steel blade

• Special grinding of the blade for clean removal of the outer casing

• Round, longitudinal and spiral cuts possible

• No tilting due to axial pulling of the device in the longitudinal direction

• Cutting depth in increments of 0.1mm to 3mm adjustable using the rotary knob (clockwise)

• No damage to the underlying layers

• Thanks to the special sliding properties of the contact surface, resistance-free working on the cable is guaranteed

• Small and compact design

• Handy & ergonomic design

• Blocking system: This function prevents opening in the position: longitudinal cut. This prevents the blade from breaking off due to misuse.



Order No.



Outer jacket cutter with spring quick release system


140 mm

150 g

Attention: not suitable for work under voltage



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