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Compact Hydraulic Pump with Accumulator

Designed to operate hydraulic tools up to 700bar (70MPa)

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Technical Characteristics

• Light, compact and robust structure

• Ergonomic design for right or left handers

• Possibility to carry the special transportation bag with additional pockets,
  with a shoulder strap or attached to a belt

• Possibility to attach the remote control unit to the apparatus, belt or shoulder
  strap with a clamp support, on buttons (Ø 18.7 mm) through a magnet on flat
  and rounded surfaces

• Anti-scratch and shock resistant display protection (only mod. CP700)

• Rapid return of piston, thanks to high return capacity

• Electronic sensor pressure control

• High performance lithium ion accumulator

• Charge indicator on the accumulator

• Double piston technology for rapid high pressure feed

                  - Capacity within the range of low pressures < 100 bar: 1.2 lit./min.

                  - Capacity within the range of pressures up to 700 bar: 0.2 lit./min.

                  - Operating pressure: ...................... 700 bar (70 MPa)

                  - Power: ........................................... 200 W

                  - Accumulator voltage: ................... 18,0 V DC

                  - Accumulator capacity: .................. 3,0 Ah

                  - Range of use: ............................... -20°C / +55°C
                    (integrated cooling system)


Control and monitoring functions:

• Controlled motor drive for lifetime increase of transmission, engine
  and battery

• Temperature monitoring

• Manual or automatic return

• Automatic power saving mode after about 5 min.

• LED indications on the device and the remote control (1.5m)

• Large display for monitoring, diagnosis and adjustment (CP700)

                  - Pump progress curve representation on the display (bar and time)

                  - Display actual pressure / setpoint pressure

                  - Error indication

                  - Maintenance program

                  - Device data

• Possibility of saving all the cycles and error indications in internal memory
  and on the PC

• Precise, accurately repeatable pressure setting through electronic pressure
  sensor and automatic pressure hose compensation

• No more aborted pressing cycles due continuously monitoring the residual
  battery charge

• Software included

• Preinstalled standard programs for cutting and crimping (only mod. CP700)

• Integrated maintenance Management



Order No.



Hydraulic pump


480 x 250 x 250 mm

7,7 kg

SET Equipment
  • Compact hydraulic pump
  • Battery: Li-Ion 18V 3Ah (RA11)
  • Battery charger (LG8)
  • Flexible high pressure hose (1,5m)
  • Remote control (1,5m)
  • Carrying shoulder strap with shoulder pads
  • USB Cable
  • Comfortable sturdy nylon bag
  • Software (CD)

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