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Tools for Professionals

At Intercable we have been involved with the development, manufacture and marketing of tools for live electrical work since we began doing business. In addition to an extensive range of insulated tools, and stripping tools, we also offer a wide range of innovative hydraulic attachments for cutting and crimping cables, to complete our offer.

Last but not least, the company is well known in the field of energy supply for its series of electrical products, such as short-circuiting and bridging devices.

Nowadays we are not only among the leaders in the Italian electrical wholesale market, but also a reliable partner in the development of special applications for industrial and energy companies on the Italian and the international market.

Service is a strength

It is important to recognize and take advantage of opportunities!

A customer relationship is a matter of trust. This trust is built upon our company's long-standing quality policy, which makes it one of our priorities to identify the needs and expectations of users in order to fulfil them in a quick, effective and environmentally friendly manner.

The demands of our customers and the competition encourage us to constantly strive to expand our offerings and optimize our products in order to improve our quality and environmental performance. 

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